And the fluorescent glow
of neon lights hummed to
say that we are here.

We are open.

Based in Rotterdam, The Netherlands
→ @yinyinwong
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Upcoming presentations:
MAMA, Rotterdam

ART SG FILM, Singapore

Pocoapoco, Oaxaca, MX

Tale of a Tub, Rotterdam, NL

Wei-Ling Contemporary,
Kuala Lumpur, MY

‘Lotus Flowers’ screening, Port Ipoh at Venice Biennale 59, IT

The Star, Malaysia, 2023
Metropolis M, 2023
HART Magazine, 2023
Volkskrant, 2022

Last updated 12/2023

Yin Yin Wong is a multidisciplinary artist working across a range of media including film, sculpture, drawing and site specific installation. Previously as Publication Studio Rotterdam (2015–2021) they worked largely around themes of distribution, dissemination and circulation of visual culture through publishing artist books and curating exhibitions departing from text.

Currently they are researching possible bridges and juxtapositions between their modernist graphic design education and their Chinese-Malaysian diasporic upbringing. By focussing on themself as a site where different legacies and languages converge and complicate eachother, Wong looks for overlaps that speak cross-culturally. Through an auto-etnographic lens they question the dominant frameworks that permeate almost every aspect of their life.

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